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This free choice, as the onus on the individual, is what said to be the very definition of Spirituality. Spirituality is said to be the activity of making consequential decisions. Possessing Consequence, the individual is considered capable of consequential determinations, such as assessing the value of animal or human life. Correspondence to pre-existing standards, not of the individual's own determination, as the Progressive Materialist system of evaluation, is considered mechanistic, non-responsible, dependent and automatic.

The consciousness of Progressive Materialism is said to be Mundane. By the process of Finite Determination, all definition as reason, purpose, meaning and significance, is the relationship of any given entity to results and products, as contributive resource or the ends and products themselves. This form of definition is termed Definitive Value. The identity of the individual may be defined by what they produce, as doctor, lawyer, bricklayer, dentist or car mechanic. What is produced is evaluated by its degree of Consequence. The Consequence produced by the doctor may be considered greater than that of the janitor. In general the Mundane Consciousness defines things in terms of the part unrelated to the whole. Thus the forest is evaluated in terms of the products that can be produced from its exploitation, without ever considering the affect upon the larger ecology, local or planetary. All non-human related circumstance may be considered purely mechanical as scientific cause and affect. Therefore everything non-human is automatic, non-volitional and thus in affect is perceived as dead.

The consciousness of Conservative Spirituality is said to be Symbolic. By the Absent Determinant, the specific Consequence of any given natural entity cannot be established. Thus any specific definition is open to interpretation, wherein the individual is free to substitute whatever value they are inclined or capable. This form of definition is termed Olamic Value. Any given entity may possesse two or more definitions. There is its material nature in the physical world, that is essentially that of a part, that is considered necessary and serves the interests of the whole. A lung is a part of the body that serves the interest of the whole. The tree is a part of the land that creates oxygen, soil, nourishment and refuge for elements of the greater whole.