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A second definition is a Spiritual nature, as the potential to assume another identity, role or form. Situations will be treated individually, by the content of the circumstance. Because there is no precise definition, the individual is free to make choices. This means the individual is responsible for most of what they do. This responsibility is considered a major aspect of Spirituality. (Subtopic Proto-religous Determination)

The exact method, as the dynamic by which Consequence is assessed in the Progressive Materialist system, is termed the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. By the institution of Excess and Profit, as the creation of the human identity based on superfluity, and the concept of Finite Determination, wherein the Consequence of results and products are considered superior to natural states that act as material for them, a duality of Consequence is created. This polarity, is Consequence assessed as some degree between either Metaphysical Ideals or Extra Mundane Authorities, and what is opposite of them, or what is termed the Antithetical Matrix. Some of the primary oppositional attributes are natural and developed, undeveloped and progressed, uneducated and uncultured as opposed to educated and cultured, ugliness and beauty or rich and poor.

The primary evaluative standard of Conservative Spirituality is nature and what is natural. Nature is considered as Universal Authority or the paragon, model and law for human activity, behavior and conduct. The primary economic law that applies to all planetary existence except human, is Necessity and Subsistence. This law maintains an equilibrium within the living whole, wherein a lesser number of entities cannot become predominate, by excess destruction over other elements, necessary to the health of the whole. Every entity possesses a nature as a natural composition, content and dynamic, as a correspondence to its environment and that functions as a preservative agent by predadation. All the myriad of difference is viewed as complimentary.

The upshot of the Consequential Negation of Progressive Materialism is volition and volitional capacities. Without inherent Consequential Integrity everything becomes eligible for use and exploitation in the drive for progressive development.