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This means that the individual may become aware of the existence of spirit through physical manifestations exhibited in the general environment. Spirit is considered akin to the mind of the whole of the natural planetary existence that is likened to the body.

Consequential Values are said here to determine the content of the sensory system commonly know as emotion. Two types of sensory response are said to be derived from the differences, in terms of the Conservative Spiritual and Progressive Material value systems. Sensory response is said to be affected by the direct sensory impact of environmental stimulations. These stimulations are modified to a greater or lesser degree by Association, that identifies the source of the stimulation and gives it definition, meaning and context. Thus the mosquito's bite in present situation may be nothing more than a slight irritation on the skin without much sensory response. However if the bite is associated with something like West Nile Virus, there may a great deal of sensory response and even trauma.

The sensory response system of the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity is termed Natural Affection. The sensory response system of the Progressive Material Volitional Identity is termed Emotion. The dynamic of the sensory response of Natural Affection is that the sensory response tends to reflect the natural and direct affects upon the sensory apparatus, as opposed to the modifications of Association as especially when Consequential Value is involved. For instance an encounter with a bear may be considered as an esthetic event unaffected by negative and fearful associations. The dynamic of Emotion is wherein sensory response is more or completely modified and affected by Association as especially that which contains Consequential Value significant to the individual. Thus the son may express great sensory aggravation upon the death of his mother, while for the stranger, the mother being of no consequence, expresses little or no response and remorse. (Subtopic Emotion)