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Worst winter of my life.
Twenty inches of rain thus-far since September autumn, ten inches in January, in the bay-side city of SF - sunny today been-oh so cold.

Been ill for a month, but on the up-side, haven't smoked or beered in that length time either. AM PM flu but no pneumonia. First ten days, daytime flue feeling better at night. The problem being it played havoc with my prostate, and it was difficult to wee-wee.

At some point I tried 600 milligrams of Ibuprofen once in the day. Felt much better and discovered it solved the wee-wee problem. From eyedropper drain to almost normal. After an initial week, I quit using it in the day, and began using it at night for the wee-wee problem. However there was an unfortunate side affect to which I didn't attribute to the drug - since it is advertised as an anti-feverant and everybody said.

Night sweats - I would wake soppstate medicine and I take one pill before bed, and it keeps me prostate proper all night and all day as well.

So without a magnifier to operate things like my CSS files, the difficulty of no spell check, I have had to give up the poetry. So after this - I don't know.

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