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Law of the Place:

Convention is unwritten law or Law of the Place. Standing on a walk-around is conventional use-law like traffic walks on the right side, next to a roadway of another set laws, and a water channel on the other side with laws of its own like know how to swim, each for safety sake and friction-free social conflict one should abide, but of which there is not much written law concerning pedestrians. Convention is the way people behave as manners, deportment, conduct, demeanor in which all agree of a particular affinity to so think, say and act.

Law is written by Government, with almost always penalties attached as enforced by police and military. Rules are generally inter-institutional, applicable with internal institutional penalties as enforcement, such as reprimands, fines or expulsion. Convention is such as when in Rome do as the Romans do. Some people by Convention celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and some on Christmas day. Convention is group practice without laws or necessarily written or spoken rules, but rather unspoken unless breached. The laws of ruling classes for instance are by Convention.

Government is said to be Democratic or Fascist. This means Socialist or Capitalist. Socialism as Government, accept when controlled by powerful private interest families is usually democratic, as Government representing the people should-be voted in and on by the people. Capitalism is sooner or later oligarchal and fascist, as the concentration of wealth in private and hidden hands.

Government makes the laws. When the Capitalists control Government the Capitalists make the laws in the favor of private interest as opposed to public.

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