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It was when I was living on Powers Street, some time around nineteen seventy-five, this being when I returned to the city from Santa Rosa and college there. I made something of a conversion and commitment. I converted to self-responsibility. This was approximately four years after my envisionment epiphany, and I had in that time, become something more of a critical thinker again.


Moving back to the city I stayed with Sonoma and Psy for a wee-bit at Winfield, and the pottery shop where they had moved in with When, who I had entrusted the shop, on moving out a few years before. I needed to find my own place, which I did on Powers Street, a couple of blocks down the hill, just up from Mission Street. I needed some room mates so I enlisted Edwardo and his girl friend Roxy, who took the front room on the street. I took the middle room on the other side of the wall from the living room, and Jerry rented a small room in the back next to the kitchen. So apparently Agia had left Edwardo. She was always into some superman, and Jerry and Jan had split, although the exact circumstances, I do not at this moment recall.

I had decided to become a painter, although I was not sure. I had painted a number of oils on 8 x 10 inch Strathmore paper while in Santa Rosa, and was trying to decide if I should try my hand at canvas painting, since I was not living at Winfield anyway. I went to see a guy said to be an artist over in the Excelsior, who a friend had recommended.

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