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One event that has stuck in my memory is that I got in the habit at some point, of rather than seating myself in the church proper for church service, I would slip into the cry room. It was a room big enough for about eight people, folding chairs, with a large plate glass window to view the service, and had a speaker in one corner at the ceiling, so that one could hear what was going on. It was for women who had crying babies. It was mostly unused and so I usually had it to myself. One time Mosby comes in. He was a weirdo, twenty-one or older, small thin and homely looking, and he used to buy us beer sometimes. He was not from this town, maybe having lived here for about three or four years. His claimed to be related to John Mosby the southern civil war character called romantically, 'The Gray Ghost', but we never took much stock in these kinds of stories from these kinds of anyone.

He seemed to be in need of attention. He comes into the cry room dressed for Sunday, and after awhile he pulls out a gun and shows it too me. Says he is going to shoot the pastor. I can't even remember which pastor it was. But it was memorable to me as to what I answered. I said he should wait 'till after the service, as too many people would be getting all upset if he did it now. He seemed agreeable to that, and apparently after the service he had a public breakdown in the church proper. Don't know if the gun was involved but don't thing he would have actually used it. Like I said, he was one of those types that needed attention.

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