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On really cold days we would all wait in the train station waiting room directly across the street from the bus stop, with a coal burning pot-bellied stove. Smitty was bragging all over the place that he had joined the Pat and Roger Gang. He was also doing a lot of mouthing off about how they had a secret fort that nobody would ever be able to find. I had climbed a tree way up high, the afternoon before just because I was want to that, and thought I saw the Pat and Roger fort across the swamp. I secretly told JimG who passed the word.

It was probably a duck blind, but the next day after school, we all assembled at Hegel's house, six boys and two girls as nurses. We marched through town to Main Street and turned east and over the channel bridge to Holman Avenue. We then turned left and walked the road where it paralleled the channel, to where it dead-ended at a cross-channel. To get to what I thought was the fort, we would make a right and go single file along a path, that followed along this channel, at the edge of a very big swamp. But just as we arrived at this turning point, two row boats appeared out of a cross channel further north and started coming our way. It was the Pat and Roger Gang. We hid until it was too late for them. So we had them - sitting ducks - in their boats and opened fire with rocks. They landed on the north east side of the waterway and returned fire. Smitty was yelling insults the whole time and the battle lasted about thirty minutes.

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