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He thought men were superior to woman and of course there was all the technology and modern amenities as the quality of life. But the point here is that I was required to go to Sunday school and summer bible school. So it was at summer school in the basement of the Lutheran Church up-town, the summer between fifth and sixth grades, and the first day the teacher lit into me for not having a pencil. That was it, I never went back. Every morning me and my brother who was four years younger, left for bible school walking, but we never made it. Instead we went over to the town's public beach over by Pickerel Point, and played in the sand all morning. God it was boring. Beautiful summer mornings, windless and placid calm lake, and we did that for two weeks. Think it was on the final Friday the last day of school that my grandfather found out. Think we got a lecture and some perplexity but not much more.

The next summer it was Bible School again, although this time I got converted to Christianity, probably the single worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. It was a deal with God. My problem was my deserted father, and I tried all kinds of superstitions to remedy the problem, but nothing worked. So they said forever, that if you prayed to God he would answer all your prayers. So I thought I would give it a try. Never did work of course and I suppose I did learn how these people thought, so that I didn't have to render myself stupid in later life. As an aside, before my conversion one day I broke mirrors, as a taunt to the superstition of seven years bad luck.

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