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Seven years later the Christianity passing away, I thought indeed it was seven years bad luck. The pastor left - transferring to another church and took Pat and Roger with him, in that first year I was there; so that left only the Craig Hegle Gang, and the former members of the Pat Roger Gang seemed from then on, to be pretty much non-existent. Of course we got another Pastor, but I remember nothing of him.

In terms of these church affairs, there is not much that really stands out in all those years. Things like getting to Sunday School and nobody there, because my brother and I were an hour early, forgetting that daylight savings had changed the time. For many years it was Sunday School, Bible School, sometimes summer Bible Camp in Wisconsin, Luther League, confirmation, church service. And more than that my best friend Chris, because his father was church janitor, I would spend time visiting him there where he would be helping his father. He could open any locked door in the church with a coat hanger, plus jimmy the coke machine. That doing the church stuff was a requirement for living in my grandfather's house, could be said, but my mother was not religious, so I really don't know. At any rate I got converted.

After becoming a Christian, the first thing I remember noticing was that I had a friend who was Catholic, and now I was not suppose to like him, because Catholics had different beliefs. The main thing that they seemed to have a problem with, was there was not as much emphasis on prohibition and more emphasis on confession.

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