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The Dandy Cousins

The Dandy cousins both lived in Chicago, but came north to town their parents summer houses for three months, until Delicate Dandy's parents moved in year round to Song lake, and I found her very attractive looking - much more so than her cousin Candy Dandy.

I was in love or at least infatuated, who knows at that age, for a time perhaps sophomore year high-school with Delicate, and a lot of the guys liked Candy Dandy, but I was not physically attracted to her, a bit plump and not as facially exquisite as was her cousin Delicate.

The first girl that liked me early as sixth grade was - Karen if everybody said she likes you. I didn't like her, too skinny and skinny as I was, I should skin-dint ? I liked June Harbor. She was ample but she liked my best friend in grade school, Teddy Wordla, and neither of them were from Song Lake.

Was to a party once at Karen if she liked me, and her father had cut both his hands off in a work site accident, and had them sewed back on at the wrists, but at right angles, so that his arms as horizontal - his hands were vertical. And he showed us proudly I thought, how he could light cigarettes with them.

I did not have a real girl friend until I was twenty-three years old. And I was so good looking. Or was it cute. Certainly not the Marlboro Man. But I was shy, and no girl-friend was my own doing.

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