Definitive Value is a term used to describe the method for determination, of the consequence of things, in terms of Progressive Materialist evaluation. The consequence of any state or entity, is based upon its ability or potential, to produce result and products in present or future. The consequence of the refrigerator is to produce cold food in the present. The consequence of the bed is produce sleep in the evening. The consequence of the rake is to clean up leaves in the fall. The worn out tire, which is not used for some other practical or esthetic purpose, has no potential use in future, and is thus garbage. The consequence of the stone, if not used for building something, or for some esthetic condition like for a garden, possesses no consequence whatsoever.

The consequence of an entity is definitive, meaning it possesses a precise value as some quality or condition it produces. Definitive Value defines the way states or entities may be treated in terms of transformation or destruction. States and entities which do not possess Definitive Value, possess no legitimate reason to exist, and thus may be treated in any manner suitable to human ambition. This equates to material for the creation of human results and products.

Definitive Value is also used as a method of evaluating the worth of human individuals. The status of persons is based upon the results and products they produce. Those who produce little or nothing, such as field workers or homeless, have little status. Those who produce what are considered to be important things, such as products contributing to glamor, health, or money, have high status. In essence human labor is material for the creation of results and products. The worth of the material is relative to the worth of the results and products derived therefrom. Definitive Value determines the exact consequence of the individual, how that individual may be treated, which equates to how much money the individual has, and where the individual may go, and what they may do and have.

Definitive Value provides reason, meaning and purpose for people and things, when the natural world, as the Given Existence, is not considered to be an end in itself.

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