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Democracy is corresponded to the Conservative Paradigm to include sub-concepts as the Whole, All, Polytheism, Matriarchy and Socialism.

The Conservative Paradigm represents the natural world and universe. Conservative means change that leaves a state conducive to the preservation of the same state, as forest fires leaves conditions conducive to new forests. The economic law of nature is defined by the concept of Necessity and Subsistence. Nature is called democratic or the Democracy of Nature, because it uses only what it needs, and because the ratio of predator attempts to kill prey is as a generality one in ten tries, unlike a livestock factory where what escapes is zero.

Democracy means equality although one will not find it defined as such. The accepted definition is - Government where citizens get-to vote. Almost all nations now have the vote which legitimizes their governments. However there is almost no such thing as direct democracy, where all citizens vote on all issues of government. What there is-is representative democracy, or the vote for individuals who vote on government issues. And those representatives are subject to all manner of extraneous influences from personal corruption, nepotism, bribery to blackmail.

In the instrument of representative Democracy, Socialism is employed as party politics, in which political ideas or ideologies are adopted by groups, in order to increase by pooling, the ability to raise money, attract talent and promote political purposes. Political parties have agendas for which they thru the government wish to codify into law. The parties select representatives which run for government offices. It is really the parties that are elected rather than individuals, who can only run as singular persons if they are rich or famous.

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