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Determination represents the evaluation of any state, condition or entity in terms of a definition which would indicate what it is, what is its Consequence, how it should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed. By definition the good must be preserved and the bad destroyed, where these qualities are Interpretations and Evaluations.

Absent Comparative:

The Absent Comparative is the absence of any known comparative physical reality, or any provable non-physical reality, equivalent to the earth's planetary living Conditions as Comparative Standards, in which to compare, qualities, conditions and dynamics by degrees of similarity or distinction, that would indicate the reason, purpose, motive, meaning and Consequence of Being, of any or all elements of the natural world. The best way to study one civilization is to study many civilizations through the auspices of the study of history. This absence of comparative determinatives essentially means anyone is free to believe anything, as free-for-all or complete free-will.


Since there is only one known planetary Condition containing life, the means of Determination can only be by distinctions of change, as pre-existent Condition compared to changed Condition, or whether a changed Condition is better or worse than the Condition previous. The Internet is better than no Internet or vice versa. This is a present Condition compared to the memory of a previous Condition. Change is defined as results and products produced as changed conditions, both internal or external to any given Delineated Entity.

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