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Positive Dimension Negative Dimension Mystical Dimension
One could posit the concept that there are two dimensions, as the physical and non-physical worlds, or the material universe and what is believed to be the spiritual world. One could further postulate that such a non-physical world is Will, which takes the form of mind. This theory would in essence conjecture that there is two primary elements in the universe, which is physical and non-physical, or matter and mind. The physical universe could be conjectured to be the body of the non-physical mind. This physical universe is completely self-sustaining, self-generating, self-renewing and long lasting, if not eternal. It could also be conjectured that it is automatic, mechanistic and that it would continue to self perpetuate itself eternally. The physical and material world, if considered to be automatic and mechanical, autonomous and independent of mind by itself, would be no more than a machine, and without a mind to create awareness, it would be as if it did not exist.

The distinction between matter and mind is termed the Positive Dimension as the physical, and the Negative Dimension, as mind or memory. A third primary element is proposed here as the Mystical Dimension. Thus in this schematic, there would exist opposite poles as the Positive Dimension or Given Existence, and its opposite as the Mystical Dimension, which is essentially space and absence. In between these two dimensions would be the Negative Dimension as mind.

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