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Was 1969 and I had moved in at Winfield Street, Bernal Heights, San Francisco, sometime between January and March. I took the place over from Barry and Judy as they were known, who split to the country up near Bodega Bay famous for the Hitchcock movie 'The Birds'. Barry moved his world headquarters, a plan for community owned and operated craft shops and stores. Nixon became president and knew how to kill the youth revolution. He cut off the funds, of which Barry was a recipient. He had rented spaces in various locations, for photography, wood working, pottery and jewellery craft shops. Everyone was leaving the city for the country. He wanted me to join him but I said no, I am staying in the city. I am from a small town and been there done that.

He having rented an old Hotel was going to convert the expansive main-floor front-room into a gallery. I helped him sandblast the many layers of wallpaper down to the Redwood on a couple of weekends. Judy had run the pottery shop in the garage at Winfield, was a college educated potter, and they left the pottery shop for a time in tact as I took it over, leaving the wheels and kiln until I could replace them.

Around this time May or June I went to a concert in Golden Gate Park. They held these things at what was called Speedway Meadows just east of an embankment and the Polo Fields. At its western head, this grassy mall was about one hundred feet wide, the space spreading wider in triangular fashion out for a distance of at least a football field to the east. They would put in a flat-bed semi-trailer truck crosswise at the head, which was used as a bandstand for the bands. Don't remember what bands were there that day but it was a Sunday.

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