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Definitive Comparison is used to determine precise value and consequence by what is termed Numerical Qualification, which describes degrees of worth and consequence between the Comparative Bases. Zero and the low numbers, equate to the Antithetical Matrix and above to the approximate middle. The higher numbers are used to qualify the Metaphysical Ideal from the middle to the top. The poor person has no money, compared to the millionaire or billionaire. The value of the antique chair was assessed at about three thousand dollars. The higher the number the greater the Consequence.


In terms of Numerical Qualification, is the Comparative Base from which evaluation is added and subtracted. The Antithetical Matrix represents Additory Base, from which to measure as better than, greater or superior, and is the basis from which to measure progress away from, as modern society is measured against the Middle Ages. The Metaphysical Ideal and Extra Mundane Authority represents Subtractive Base from which to measure as less than such as an oligarch or God, and is the goal and authority for progression.

Two numerical scales of value and Consequence are proposed as zero to ten and one to ten. Zero as Antithetical Matrix would be reserved for what is called the Untouchable Class, as the lowest class considered irredeemable, by the Pseudo-conservative personality which relies upon the propensity to assess consequence by subtracting from the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authorities as some degree less. Pseudo-conservative persons are actually the most progressive, as possessing or having accumulated the most property or elite status, and who tend to be intolerant of those who do not conform to their elitist and private dominions. One to ten would pertain to liberals which would not recognize an Untouchable Class and would consider all persons redeemable.