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The ability to create Excess and Profit is what distinguishes humankind from all other species, in terms of outward physical existence. All living things in the planetary environment except for the human species, are restricted to what is termed Necessity and Subsistence. This means that the economic results and products of the activity of living, are restricted to the replacement of energy consumed, and the continuation of the pre-existent economic condition and standard of living, in a same or similar state. Examples of human Necessity and Subsistence living, are indigenous peoples, in which when they are gone, there is hardly a trace of their existence.

The economic standard of the Given Existence is Necessity and Subsistence which applies to all living things except the human species. Necessity and Subsistence is said to be Conservative, or economically motivated change which preserves the pre-existent state or condition in a same or similar form. In terms of the predator/prey condition of nature, the value and consequence of what is consumed as prey, is equal to the continued existence and preservation of the predator, in a same or similar condition. All natural change preserves or promotes the conditions of the pre-existent state changed, as the forest burned down produces the perfect conditions for renewal.

The planetary existence as a living whole, cannot go outside of itself, as into space for resupply. It must sustain itself by the consumption of itself, in such a way that it never depletes what is necessary for its continued existence. The implications in terms of natural planetary economics, is that every entity is at once, both the potential material contributor, for the replacement of energy consumed, and that which expends the energy.