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Epiphanic Episode

It was my second Epiphanic experience thirty years later. Must have been around nineteen ninety-five - six, something like that, and this time I was not smoking any dope or doing any drugs of any kind, having laid off weed most of that thirty year period. But I had started drinking Kombucha Mushroom Tea to cleanse my body. I had done several fasts over the years, maybe five, seven and nine day fasts, or two sevens or two nines, can't remember. These were with purified water, reconstituted lemon juice, red pepper and pure maple syrup. No food, no coffee, no cigarettes; just drink this stuff whenever one feels like it. It does clean the cells and one feels really clean after the ordeal. Mostly what one does is think of food after the third day. One may become a chef concocting every kind of recipe in the mind.

Like I was saying this second experience may have been from the mushroom tea. It was ten or twenty caffeinated tea bags and a cup of sugar, in a gallon of water to which is added the mushroom. That is a lot of caffeine even though I only drank six ounces a day. I think it was the cause because after a year and I was tired of the epiphany and starting to come out of it, I had quit drinking the tea, but started again, and the the epiphanic experience began to come back. So I quit the tea and it went away.

For me the epiphanic episode is a testing of the soul. It is acting in the world believing things which are not true, and where these things are directly connected to one's beliefs and actions. There is a lot of seeming coincidence involved.

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