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The Apotheosis represents seven elements of Cognizant Being. called: Sentient Self, Ego, Identities, Ipseities, Euphoric and Psychesoma.


The Intellective is said to consist in a three part interpretive complex representing interpretation through the contexts of the three dimensions: or the Ego through the Positive; the Identities through the Negative; and Ipseities through the Metaphysical Dimensions.


The Ego is defined as the Interpretive Context of the physical body. A distinction is made between pure sensory experience and Interpretation of such experience. Pure sensory experience is said to be the operation of the Sentient Self, generally called the unconscious to include the registration of every sensory stimulation through the physical mechanisms of the sensory system. The Sentient Self is said to be fairly similar for everyone aside from sexual differences, and minor perceptual differences as eyesight, hearing or taste and touch.

Everyone is said to experience reality in a fairly similar manner, where the perception is fairly alike. Everyone perceives the feeling of the heat of the sun, the sound of thunder, or the sight of clouds in a fairly similar way. However Interpretation may result from a myriad of different contexts, depending on the Associations attached by the individual, relative to varied personal experience, as the interpretation of snow would be different for the artic and desert dweller. One person freaks when a bee comes around and another is not bothered at all. Same sensory experience of bee, but reaction different. Thus while the sensory experience is the same or similar there are a wide range range of interpretations. [sp]

Ego Interpretation:

The Ego interprets the affects of any given reality, from the context of how any given phenomenon will pertain to and affect the body, both internally and externally. Ego Interpretation is the selection of specific Associations called Interpretive Context, that pertains to and are fairly restricted to what the body has experienced, and the context of implications for various possible types of future experience. The sensation of sunburn in the past is used as reference for Interpretation in the future. [sp]

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