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From the sight of a cloud one may associate angels, to devils, to fire, to pitchforks, to hay and so on. This is an automatic process, because otherwise the volitional associative selector or Ego, would constantly be involved in concentrated search and match.

In the case of any given present danger, the recognition, identification and associational context must be automatic and immediate to avoid negative consequence. Most association and patterns of thinking as well are called automatic. Thinking of Christmas, one may often think of Santa Claus automatically, or seeing a friend one automatically thinks of their name. Most Association does not stimulate the body to action, since association is automatic and voluminous, wherein the body would be incapable of conformance. Most sensory stimulation does not activate automatic Association, as the sensory system is in constant stimulative mode of feeling all the time, and would be in a constant state of frenzied activity.

Ego Interpretation:

The Ego interprets the affects of any given reality, from the context of how any given phenomenon will pertain to and affect the body, both internally and externally.

The capacity of the volitional selection of Association is called the Ego. The Ego is said to be self-created. Sensual stimulation internal and external to the body causes automatic involuntary body movement, such as reaction to pleasure and pain. Perception of the Positive Dimension is recorded in the memory and may become automatic Associative pattern. One stubs one's toe which becomes automatic memory Association at least for a time.

From the automatic processes of Association, the Ego as the volitional selector is developed from the ability to command the body, wherein Association proceeds and stimulates physical action. Association activates body movement and action like - think TV and reach for the remote.

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