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The Ego is called a believer, which means as the bodies interpreter of reality it must accept reality as true and believe that it is real in order to preserve itself. The Ego must understand the Constituent Verity such that the assessment of value and Consequence is true and accurate. One has to believe in death and injury and the basic consequences of the interaction of the body with the world.

The Ego would be the primary or only selector of Association as the thinking-self. All thinking would be attributable to the Ego as one thinking entity. This would be the case since the thinking-self must always be in touch with the body and immediate present for survival. However the Ego is said to be capable of the creation of any number of Interpretive Contexts and personifications, in which to interpret reality called Identities as well as Ipseities.


The body could be compared to a vehicle. The Ego could be corresponded to the driver, as the interpretation of what the vehicle encounters as it proceeds through reality and operates the body accordingly. Without the Ego the body could not be operated, like as with the disease Alzheimers. By the same token with creation of Identities, these could be considered as backseat drivers, commenting on the decisions of the Ego, and moving into the driver's place when appropriate to take over operation of the body, and more often than not permanently.

A fundamental duality of human psychology exists as the conflict between the Ego and the Identities which are opposite in nature and construct.

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