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The vast majority of human creativity and free-will comes out of the construction of Identities. However so does most of the crime, misery, persecution, oppression, war and territorial occupation. In fact the creation of certain of the Progressive Identities is a conflict with and is war upon on the Conservative Ego.

The Ego is defined as a Conservative interpretation of reality based on the interaction of the body within its environment, where the Ego would represent the body as opposed to the mind. A Conservative Ego means that the body is self preserving, wherein every part recreates itself in exact or near-like form, and its primary function as a body is to preserve itself for as long as possible, and thus the interpretation of reality must or should be Conservative. One must ensure shelter, food, clothing, emotional and sexual needs, the necessities of life and preserving one's health for instance. A Progressive Identity might be based on becoming the richest person around.

Sensory appreciation and pertinent Association concerning the Positive Dimension must be true and accurate, since the survival of the body is at stake. The Ego is considered as an agent of belief and must believe and take seriously the reality of the Positive Dimension if it is to survive.

The Ego is inherently Conservative meaning that the only condition necessary to its priorities is the natural condition of preserving itself, in exact or near like form, as preserving one's health. Ego Interpretation as a sensory response system is called Natural Affection which means direct sensory appreciation absent the attachment of Association as the exaggeration of Consequential Value defined as Emotion.

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