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The emotional make-up inherent in Ego interpretation is what is called Equipolent Emotional Dynamic, wherein response tends to reflect the actual sensory condition of Natural Affection, and to be accurate and honest, since this is necessary to the proper reaction to dangerous situations. One must accurately interpret the distance and speed of a car coming at one while crossing the street.

For the Ego, Consequential Value consists primarily in preserving a healthy, stable, safe and secure body, as that which most affects the body as family, friends, working relationships and immediate environmental conditions. Emotional response might be keyed to such as love, food, children, work, health, community or hobbies and past-times. In contrast Identities come pre-packaged with associational response as Consequential Value.

Emotional make-up devolves directly from reasoning. Emotion is defined as sensory response as affected by Association or Interpretive Context, as especially Consequential Value. The greater the Consequential Value of the individual affected, the greater is the emotional response, as the difference between, when one's own mother dies and when someone else's mother dies, if said mother is of great Consequence to one. Much Consequential Value is based on the reasoning of what is of Consequence. People get very emotional about God. However God is said to exist in another dimension, and no direct evidence for the existence of God is available. Evidence is circumstantial or based on Authority Reasoning. When the church is spared by a tornado it is said to be the work of God, and when destroyed, it is said to be the work of the devil.

The Ego is naturally akin to Natural Affection. Emotion is naturally akin to the Identities and the Consequence Identities engender.

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