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Evaluation :

Evaluation means the assessment of significance and Consequence, specifically in the case of the Ego, as the assessment of more or less than what is optimum called Optimum Correspondence.

Optimum Correspondence:

Optimum Correspondence uses a single Comparative Base, which is the optimum condition of any existent entity. In terms of the the human condition, optimum for the body may correspond to the best external temperature as seventy-two degrees, not too cold or hot. The evaluative selection of the Ego is developed as the necessity to maintain states of Optimum Correspondence, or the necessity to correspond the body to optimum conditions both internally and externally,

The optimum temperature necessary to the body is ninety-seven point eight or within a degree and which fixed, absolute and a necessity by construct of the body. Assessment or evaluation means so many degrees more or less than the optimum for a given entity such as not too bitter or sweet, bright or dim, smooth or rough, good feeling and bad, too much sleep or too little, too much exercise or not enough, too many vitamins or not enough. The body is the authority for such assessment, and the Ego as the interpreter of the body is the responsible agent. The optimum condition is the best working order.

Optimum condition can refer to singular entities or to entire interconnected systems. The interpretation as assessment of value and Consequence is so many degrees less, and/or so many degrees more than optimum as Comparative Base. At a certain age or if one suffers from disabilities one's optimum conditions would begin to change. Thus is the necessity to select associative alternatives which proceed bodily action, such as to correspond conditions of the body to its environment. Too cold outside, the optimum condition is in the warm house.

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