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Interpretive Universality

The Ego as interpreter primarily in the bodies interest, is universal of all bodies in its interpretation based on similarities in bodily construction and environmental experience of the natural world. From this interpretive universality, as anyone can relate to anyone, comes the qualities of social harmony, agreement, love, charity, altruism, kindness, compassion, or all the charitable sentiments of humanity, exactly the opposite of how the Ego is defined by psychology. But officialdom has everything backwards.

The creation of Identities correspondent to objectives of Excess and Profit are what create most human conflict, for instance the concept of 'Manifest Destiny', as the creation of a superior Identity that allows theft, leading to genocide of indigenous peoples said to be created as inferior. Manifest Destiny - murder for the improvement of humankind. Actually the destruction of Ego-based cultures is the eternal wars of Identities against Ego, or Progressive against Conservative, the definition of history.

The political form which is natural to the interpretive dynamic of the Ego is Socialism, which means organizations created for the benefit of the community as a whole, as opposed to the private interest of individuals. This system seems to work best when its purposes affect every individual such as roads, parks, water, sewage, fire, police, health, energy or government itself, and where quality of life of the whole trumps the personal profit and exceptionalism of the few. Socialism is Conservative where what exists as the ambient quality of life is preserved for all, which conforms to the predilections of the interpretive Ego, as opposed to exploitation for private interests created as Identities.

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