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Socialism means the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the whole, in the form of social organization or Government. Banks are socialist, insurance, religion and Nature is socialist, as is the concept of every Part that works in conjunction with all others, to produce the optimum condition of a state, whether it be a Part or a Whole.

Foundation Reasoning :

The system of reasoning as the logical constructions of Ego Interpretation is called Foundation Reasoning, which means that conclusions are derived from grounds, foundation, facts, evidence and premises as given and collected, to which the conclusion should be derived regardless of the personal predilections of the reasoner. Foundation Reasoning means that evidence proceeds, and is what conclusion is based upon. The survival of the body depends upon the correct and precise reasoning as correlates to the environment of the Positive Dimension. Thus Foundation Reasoning is correlated to the Ego.

It could be said that every animal that makes rudimentary decisions has an Ego, which is the body and sensory apparatus perspective, from which decisions naturally ensue. Thus the Ego would seem more universal than the Identity, which is reserved for mentality that can create alternative perspectives and personifications for decision making primarily Excess & Profit.

The Ego more akin to the whole where perspective is not individual. One does not jump off a seven story building because it has been proven such a thing is deadly. Thus the Ego interpretation must be truthful, since untruths are dangerous. In opposition to Foundation Reasoning is Authority Reasoning. In this case the Identity itself becomes authority for truth and reality.

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