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The codes of use and responsibility concerning the utilization of Metempiric Power, or what is usually called magic or sorcery, would depend upon the interpretation of its source and origins. Granting the existence of Metempiric Power, its source is of a number of possibilities. 1. There may exist a single God that intervenes in physical events. 2. Specific individuals may possess such powers as the power of mind over matter in which they alone are responsible for magical events. 3. Specific elements of nature may possess certain of powers such as a tree, rock, or particular animals that alone are responsible. 4. There may exist a spirit world coexistent to the material world wherein forces therein may intervene in physical events. This world may be good or Evil or some combination of the two. 5. Individuals may be possessed of Metempiric Powers that are granted or borrowed from a single god, from specific power possessing elements like trees, stones, magic implements or from the coexistent spirit world.

Metempiric Power is the producing of physical change without physical intervention, as something that happens with no apparent reason, no rational interpretation, and no scientific explanation. The intentional use of any power and especially Metempiric Power would assume goals, purposes and objectives. The nature of these objectives would depend upon what the individual would define as desirable change. This change could be negative as what causes trouble for others. The individual would be unlikely knowingly cause trouble for oneself. The source of power for those wanting to create trouble for others would seem the single 'mind over matter' individual, since this objective contradicts the very definition of a single God, nor would it seem to be of any interest to aspects of nature or the spirit world, unless aspects of this world were Evil.

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