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Metempiric Power, when an illusion, and so long as one believes it to be true, termed Enigmatic Belief, may bring to the individual heightened feelings of experience, where if general reality was not all that significant before, becomes of singular importance, now that one has or believes themselves to have input, control, responsibility, and effect. When one becomes significant and important, one may begin to take a look at themselves in terms of their new position and the consequence they now believe themselves to have. With new responsibilities, one may feel it necessary to come to an understanding of the many complex problems that is the context of the individual personality and the society in general. Metempiric Power as illusion may give to the individual an entirely new perspective and wherein one may engage the world with the use of what is termed Learning Illusions.

There may be good reasons for the illusory nature of Metempiric Power. For one it would be difficult to bear the responsibilty of such power if it were known for certain to be real. Thus there may be a delay between cause and affect, such that one may never be quite sure as to an actual link. If the state is illusory, then time allows for a greater latitude for unrelated but co-incidental affects to seem apparent. If the state is not illusory, then the doubt provides the individual with an out when the pressure becomes burdensome or intollorable. Delay would also be of importance in terms of secrecy, since a person possessing such power may not want this fact to be generally known for safety sake. Another aspect concerns the very nature of the source and spirit in general, wherein certainty confines the individual to act in accordance with certain conditions, and thus Free Will is absent and the individual would be an automaton.

The change in attitude, as the realization of the individual's new personality in relationship to Metempiric Power, is one of the aspects of the transcendence from the what is termed the Mundane to the Symbolic Consciousness. This transcendence can be intellectually and emotionally overwhelming, and can lead to physical and psychological problems and instability. In reality the implications of this state primarily concern the intellect and provides the incentive for experience and education that can be obtained in no other way.

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