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How else can one without power, defend themselves against those that do. How else could justice be served on those committing every sort of crime and possessing complete immunity from justice.

The results of the creation and use of technology are primarily to destroy the natural world and replace it with human created Qualified States. One could say that the Given Existence is not intended to have technology and that it is a complexly human created entity. Humankind is clever enough to create technology but it is not wise enough to know how to use it, to know that it should be limited and how to do that, or how to control it. Nature does not need technology and it is completely detrimental to it. Technology is used to destroy nature and thus to survive nature will have to destroy it. If humans are meant to live in non-technological world, as the species has done for most of its existence, then magic would be helpful, if not essential for many things. It would be helpful for the curing of disease, producing more favorable weather, for the procurement of food, for bringing luck to the community and to the individual, or for creating experiences that contribute to one's knowledge. From this point of view it might be indicated that Metempiric Power may be inherent to the nature and fabric of natural existence and not originate with the individual.

If the source of Metempiric Power lies outside the individual, then the capability to utilize such power might be said to be borrowed or authorized from a source separate, as a single God, specific elements of nature, a coexistent spirit world, or combination of these. For this reason Metempiric Power is defined as Authorized and Unauthorized, or white and black magic respectively. This would mean that this power is granted from some source outside the individual. If the reasons for authorized power have been discussed, there is the problem of what is the purpose of unauthorized power or black magic? The answer may be that the facility of use, white or black, is possible for almost anyone, and the way it is used is relative to the individual. If the capability of its use were restricted to only certain persons, then the potential for domination, in the way that people use technology and progressed status to prevail over and exploit weaker people, would be a problem unless it were granted to only selected individuals based upon an assured good character.

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