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Democracy shamacracy, there is no such thing as Capitalist democracy. Capitalism is the most powerful producer of commodity materialism, but is anything but democratic. When the economic system of a political state is Capitalism, the political system while at first may have been republican democracy, ends up an oligarchy, since capital concentrates in fewer and fewer hands, like the Rockefellers, the Duponts, the Morgans, or corporations become larger and larger until there are only six news media corporations left in the USA. Gee - I wonder what their views will be ?

Democratic Capitalism I call Economacy, which means a political system in which the outcomes of elections are determined by money. It means politicians represent moneyed interests and not the people. It means the politicians have to ask the people with the most money to finance them. Money is the agent of all social and political relations.

Elections cost so much because the mass media is Capitalist and only people with a lot of money can afford political advertising. Capitalist corporate mass media is the root of all evil. So naturally the rich have an advantage to include political parties in which in Capitalist systems there are only two, Pseudo-conservative and Liberal - Progressives, which collect money from the rich, middle and the masses to distribute it to their candidates.

There are no third parties because big money controls the mass capitalist media and the duopolistic parties. Traditionally the duopolistic parties represent the Capitalist big money property owners and little money labor. Unlike most other places in the world where the governments are parliamentary, parties are awarded seats based upon numbers polled. However in a truly Capitalistic system as the American is, rule is Winner Take All, or the loser even if getting 49% of the vote, gets no seat. Big money gets it all.

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