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My days in the bomb-disposal unit, at Elevsis as the Americans spelled it Greece; after I-got kicked-out of army headquarters, which was up a mountain just under the peak-line ridge, Russian missile-proof from the north, as they did not have steerable rockets in those days, more or less mentioned in the story Joinagan.

They gave me a window-sill for a desk up at headquarters. I was a sudden-acquisition. I was a morning-report clerk in D.C. and I knew from people in the pentagon, that the worst morning reports world-wide for correctness, were from Vietnam and Greece. HQs Greece thought I was a hot-shot, when the assignment clerk in Germany called, probably because I would have to-be coming from DC. Did they want me? My job here was to call company clerks in the hinterlands of Greece, on a field-phone, going through sometimes six Greek operators, none of whom spoke English that-well, static so-bad would have to yell, and I was not a screamer of instructions, actually still then quite-shy, as to proper procedures. The morning report by design was not suppose to have a single error.

My new job headquarters Greece. It was amazing theater and I forgot about this cast of characters. At the head of the rectangular room the size of two large rooms, the door was on the left. Next his desk faced us Mr. Willer one of the first warrant officers in the army his last assignment. To his left half the width of the room empty space to a window in the wall with view of endless Greek space and finally the Aegean Sea into the far far mists from the mountain top.

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