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Gender is big today with the liberals pushing bathroom pluralism and sports gender equity, this last ridiculous. He can only near-win in men's competition so he changes sex and wins every time in women's sports, is what it comes down to. Why have men and women's bathrooms at all ? But they are everywhere. Seems there would be a reason. Personally I wouldn't want the opposite sex in my bathroom.

If Matriarchy is reflective of the Ego, and Patriarchy is reflective of the Identities, perhaps Equiarchy should be reflective of the Ipseities.


The Ego is the first personality and interpreter which interprets reality primarily from the context of the body. The Ego would be said to be more female in orientation and women more body oriented. If the planet was a body its mind would be said to possess a penchant for the following characteristics as Conservative, and reflective of the Whole, the All, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.


The Identities are personifications created by the mind as first alternatives to the Ego, which act as Interpretive Contexts for the accomplishment of objectives and thus all professions are names for Identities as butcher, baker candlestick maker. Identities are said to be as goal objective more masculine and mind oriented. If the planet was a body its Identities would be as Progressive, the Part, One, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

Only the planet has no known Identities and where the definition of an Identity is to produce products external to itself as does the Part, the planet appears to produce no products external on the physical plane, and thus is called a Choate Whole. Thus the planet would be more of the order of Matriarchal. Thus humankind makes its own Patriarchy of the objectives of Excess & Profit.

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