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The term Evaluation is used here to mean the assessment of significance and Consequence by incremental degrees. The assessment of Consequence is determinations of more or less, as the amount of rain is to some degree of greater or lesser importance; depending on the outcome assessment. Evaluation is discrimination, as the flavor of vanilla may be considered as some degree better than chocolate. [sp]


The choice of particular and specific Association from the myriad of impressions and images, in the memory is called Interpretation. In a parking lot one identifies one's own car from all the others; by the proper selection of Association, which can be called interpretation. If one tried to get into a car that was nearly identical but not one's own; it could be called a misinterpretation. [sp]

The quality of the experience of the individual's entire life is characterized by the Interpretation of reality. Reality can be interpreted in innumerable ways, as one person sees clouds in the sky and associates rain, and another associates the shape of a face. Interpretation means that from all the myriad Associations, as mental attributes in the memory, that comprise visualizing, imagining, atttaching, thinking, much of which is automatic; Interpretation is the choosing of particular and specific associational attributes as opposed to all the rest. [sp]

Evaluative Schematic:

Evaluation is Interpretation, as the selection of Association established by comparative assessment of accordance, as some degree between opposite poles of discordance and accordance, which represents agreement or disagreement with the sensory or intellectual systems as Evaluator. [sp]


Two Paradigms are posited called the Conservative Paradigm and Progressive; each of which is described as possessing Evaluative Systems called Optimum Correspondence which reflects the Interpretation and Evaluation of the Sentient System of Somatic Being in conjunction with the Ego. The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative represents the Evaluativ System of the Progressive Paradigm, as the Identities of the the Intellective.


Ipseities are Interpretive and Evaluative Context and Personifications, as creations of the Intellective, called the Dicernian System as Sprititual, Religious Metaphysical and Aphoristic Ipsieities.

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