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Evidence has apparently been found over any number of years of the existence of the human species in the modern anatomical structure, dating back possibly as far as the dinosaur age or longer. If one were to find an anatomically correct human foot print, alongside that of and in the same rock as dinosaur prints, one would think that an objective scientist would have to consider it as evidence for the rethinking of the present day theory of evolution. However this is not the case. Nearly all anomalous archeological discoveries along these lines, are dismissed and locked up.

The Big Bang theory, as the beginning of the universe in a single explosion, purports that all bodies in space should be moving away from all other bodies, much as points on the skin of a balloon move away from each other as the balloon is blown larger and larger. However the moon is not moving away from the earth, nor the earth or any of the planets moving away from the sun. Most of the galaxies seem to be in perfect spherical arrangements in which all the trillions of suns comprising them do not seem to be moving away from their centers. In fact recent telescopic photos have shown galaxies colliding. In the case of these collision at least, it would seem to indicate that the movement is not away from each other but conversely the other way round.

If there is evidence which contradicts the presently held theories of evolution and it is dismissed, these theories while they originally may have been scientific, could be considered to be political theories which support a Progressive perspective of the natural world and universe. Most modern political, religious, social and cultural institutions of today are based upon progressive principles which are hierarchal in their structure in terms of what is less and more developed. Scales of development determine the worth of all entities and decides what can and cannot be used for material to produce human necessities and superfluities; who gets what and how much; and underlies and justifies the progressive scales of social worth and the domination of elitist classes. The belief in the progressive superiority of humankind as compared to the rest of nature, by its advanced, elite and superior status, entitles itself to dominate every aspect of the natural world in which it can find the means. These beliefs also provide Finite Context, which is the progressive accumulation of material assets, that gives reason and meaning to human existence.

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