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The Positive Dimension as the natural world is called Conservative.The Negative Dimension as memory and mind is called Progressive. The Metaphysical Dimension as other dimensional being would be called Exoteric.

Conservative change is said to duplicate itself in a same or similar condition, as trees are trees over millions of years, infinitely. Progressive change derives only as known from the human mind and usually proceeds by the transformation or destruction of the natural to be replaced by human anomaly. The parking lot paves over the forest. Metaphysical change means change as instituted from the Metaphysical Dimension by intercession of other-dimensional or Metaphysical non-physical, non-mental entities.

So what would the nature of this intercession be ? Would there be Excess & Profit in the Metaphysical Dimension ? Is the Metaphysical Conservative ? Would other dimensional being support Evil material personifications ? almost always the result of the Metaphysical Ideal, as exemplified by Monotheism as religious eminence and Moneytheism as secular supremacy.

The Metaphysical Ideal, Moneytheism and Monotheism all concentrate power at the top as exclusive perfection, and is anti-democratic and Fascist, and the cause of most Evil in the world. Of course most people consider the Metaphysical Ideal as good and so Evil is outrageously stupid. The Metaphysical Ideal as the super race.

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