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Emotion is defined as an elevated sensory response to what is of consequence for the individual over and above the normal sensory response. And thus not much emotion would be evident for a person seated in a park or square in Europe some where. Natural Affection is sensory response of the individual, as a natural response of the sensory apparatus, without the necessity of consequence to elevate the reaction. If one becomes more appreciative of the simple present moment, enjoying it more and more, elevated states of sensory response, as in the case of emotional consequence, may develop as Natural Affection, wherein one may begin to attain heightened sensory response merely by the simple activity of sitting in a beautiful place. The immersion into ambiance is best done alone, because while with others, one's attention is always split between other people and present experience, without actually being quite with others and quite in the moment. There is also always the pressure to do something, more or less exciting.

An aspect of the processes of analysis is the creation of a clear and free mind, unhindered and unclouded by confusion, unnecessary concerns, like in this case the belief in various kinds of needs such as fashion, electronic toys, status of every kind, expensive entertainment or having what everyone else may have. An analogy of an unclear mind might be like trying to drive a speed boat across a lake, where the water is full of various kinds of debris, as logs, trees or furniture, and the driver must proceed very slowly zig zagging through the maze, and cannot proceed in a straight line or get up to any speed. In the interest of a clarity of mind as pertains to the processes of Analysis, an aid may be the knowledge by real experience, of exactly what material things are necessary to the individual and what can be done without. This is accomplished by reducing things to the bare essentials, as practiced by things like living in one room, out of a backpack, car or tent. A reduction to the necessities of a bag each, of clothes, food, shelter, sleeping and accessories, makes clear exactly what is needed and what not. This is important in terms of a greater freedom, in knowing what is necessary to spend one's life supporting, and what is not.

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