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If all of these forms of therapy are inconvenient, too expensive, even dangerous relative to the quality of the therapist, one can simply admit things to strangers in a proper manner, by casually slipping it into the conversation, as if it were something one says everyday, and so that it is not apparent such that it may cause an non-objective response or put the person in an awkward position. One may find that what one thought was so horrible, was considered as no consequence to this stranger, who may themselves have far darker matters than oneself. On the other hand the opposite reaction can occur in which the stranger is horrified, meaning that the admission, may become more of a problem than it already was. Thus one should be careful how one approaches it. An advantage of strangers is that one can admit things about foibles of the self, that one would not admit to loved ones, friends and acquaintances. In certain circumstances, professional help may be the proper the avenue.

In the vein of travel as the movement between cultures, or as is often the case with young people who create eccentric and outrageous identity appearances, that provoke negative reactions of strangers, this provocation can give insight into the tolerance of others. If one provokes the hostility of those one passes amongst by exterior appearance, one may learn what it is like to be of a minority that is forever encountering prejudice. One may learn, that though others may profess a tolerance and believe it, if one is like them it may be a long acquaintanceship before one discovers predjudice if ever. By acting the eccentric, depending upon how outrageousness or how despised the characterization might be, the individual may discover that they can read or feel this hostility in a New York second, without having the bother of a long investment in friendship. In traversing between cultures, the individual may discover how tolerant a culture is in general or as a whole, that can be compared with others.

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