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External Analysis means to go out into the real world and get experience with unfamiliar persons and personality types, points of view and various circumstances, environments, places and events. The purpose of External Analysis is also to create experience that epitomizes and embodies problems and questions that one is working on, so that the individual can observe the mechanics of problems in reality first hand, separate and outside the limitations and prejudices of one's own intellect. The object is to witness one's problems and questions in the real world, such that they are manifested and illustrated in reality. For example a problem or question like, the way the victim of racial, gender or religious prejudice may feel, could be illustrated when the individual in the real world, looks and plays the part of an outcast. The observation of or involvement in, the real time manifestations of abstract questions and problems, can entail being in the right place at the right time. This can involve something called Synchronicity. It could also involve psychic ability that would be helpful with the rendezvous of the individual with the manifestation of abstract problems in the real world. These are mentioned not merely as conveniences, but as real possibilities that cannot be intellectually willed, but may attend the process of External Analysis. The practice of producing real experience may also include the deliberate manipulation of persons and circumstances so as to create the portrayal of particular problems. For example in reference to a problem such as varying individual perspectives, the individual having the advantage of a space in which many people might visit, could orchestrate the decor in such a way as to provoke reactions, and correlate those dispositions with what one can conclude of the personal backgrounds and histories of the visitors. However ethical considerations are to be acknowledged in these instances, wherein the regard for the places or persons necessary to undertake these kinds enterprises, should outweigh the advantages to the investigator.

In order to understand the circumstances and perspectives of other places and people and to witness the manifestations of the problems and questions one is concerned with, the individual becomes an observer.

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