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As the outer reality may reflect questions and statements of mind, a further aspect of External Analysis is that the mind can be studied by the experience of specific kinds of reality. The abstract mind of thinking, memory, planing, imagining or day dreaming is somewhat nebulous like music. It cannot be seen, felt, tasted or smelled, cannot be hammered and nailed so to speak, and thus an efficient or proper use can be difficult. Since the mind is the operator of the body and the life of the individual and every type of experience, an understanding of the mind and its processes would seem to be important. One may attempt a better understanding of the processes of the mind by comparison with organizational functions of human organizations. For instance if one finds themselves working in the administrative capacity of a large institution, like the the storage of public records may be seen as analogous to the memory. The action of an individual such as buying property may cause a record to be made. Only certain actions will cause those records to be reviewed. Those records are stored according to a specific system making retrieval systematic. In another department building plans, renovations, permits and inspection records may be kept and so on.

The creation of experience involves the decision to create specific kinds of circumstance. This kind of decision can be attributable to what one already is, knows and is conditioned to be, or in terms of what the individual believes the future will be. Thus one may put themselves in the position to experience what they know experience to be, such as the circumstance and identity of soap box speaker or preacher. However beyond that, may be the experience of all the politics that is involved, in the actual organized agenda of the subject of soap box oratory, that is unknown to one and thus beyond the scope of exploration. The individual can only explore that which is known to be there to explore. The mind or existing identity of the individual may have its own unconscious agenda involving deep seated conditioning, emotion, fear, misconception or loyalty and security issues.

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