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To transcend these limitations one may employ the method of random experience, or what is termed Metempiric Power, wherein what is said to be spiritual forces, in some manner creates experience for the individual, that would otherwise be beyond the capacity of the individual to imagine or produce.

What the individual intentionally sets out to learn may be based upon future objectives, the rationale being that one prepares for the future by study, as one may select college courses based on the preparation for some specific career. This assumes that the individual can predict and guarantee the future. However if the individual does not like the chosen career, and changes to a completely different field of endeavor, then much of that training will have been for naught. If it might be decided that the individual cannot by facility of the logical mind, predict the future, it might be assumed that facilities of premonition or spiritual forces can. Rather than a premeditative concept of desired experience, the individual may simply wait for things to happen. As things occur, the onus will be on the individual, to make decisions as to what experience to become involved with and what to pass up, since most possibilities may be simply random and others may be dangerous.

Experience will produce some outcome, in the case of the External technique, the desire for knowledge. This outcome will sometimes be beneficial and sometimes be futile or cause problems and sometimes endanger one. The individual has to learn how to discern what experience to go with and what to avoid. This will involve a combination of rational thinking, guess work and intuition. If one were shown a number of envelopes, each containing various amounts of money, and one were allowed to open one and keep the amount of cash contained therein, how would one decide which one to open. This could involve complete guesswork, or a logical process wherein one might try to guess the order in which the organizers would place them.

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