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If one is to build a stone fence, the meaning of the stone is material for its construction, and the need for the fence justifies the work necessary as its removal from the field. Every human made entity such as a worn out tire, if it is not useful in present or does not possess potential for some affect or result and product in the future, either as utilitarian, historical or sentimental, has no purpose or meaning, is considered garbage and is thrown away.

States or entities of the natural world produce affects and results and products, from the breathable air to everything that grows naturally. If the natural world is not considered a result and product in and of itself, then its natural state and condition cannot explain its existence. If the natural world is considered a complete and finished product and end in itself, Finite Determination can provide reason, meaning, purpose and motive for the existence of the natural world, as producing and reproducing what it already is or what it is experienced to be.

Thus from Finite Determination, as affects and results and products that produce meaning, purpose and consequence, two perspectives derive termed Existent and Progressive Determination. Existent and Progressive Determination comprise the fundamental and underlying distinction between the archetype perspectives commonly known as Conservative and Progressive.

Existent Determination means that the affects and results and products produced by change promote the preservation of pre-existent states changed, in a same or similar condition. Thus no matter the severity of natural change such as fire, flood or earthquake, the states following will regenerate themselves in a same or similar condition. In terms of Finite Determination, the affects, results and products of change, that give meaning, purpose and consequence are already pre-existent, as what they already are. All natural change is the contribution to maintaining these conditions and is Conservative.