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The designation of relationships to results and products such as beef, define the steer as material resource, the land which is used to raise the steer as cattle ranch, and the ends themselves such as steak. These criterion determine the worth and consequence of each of the elements involved, and represent the authority for how the elements, as material, means and the results and products as ends should be treated. The consequence of an entity is definitive, meaning it possesses a precise value as some quality or condition it produces. Definitive Value defines the way states or entities may be treated in terms of transformation or destruction. States and entities which do not possess Definitive Value, possess no legitimate reason to exist, and thus may be treated in any manner suitable to human ambition. This equates to material for the creation of human results and products.

Olamic Value descends from Existent Determination and is more or less the opposite of Definitive Value. Since the result and product is inherent in the pre-existent condition of the natural world as already existent, there seems to be no end that predetermines the meaning, purpose or consequence of its existence other than what it is experienced to be. Thus this experience is open to interpretation or open value. This is the essence of Free Will in which the individual is free to interpret for oneself meaning, purpose, value and consequence. The implication therefore is that the individual has to assume the responsibility for interpretation and definition.

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