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Renaissance Faire

It was around 1970 or '71, when someone thought the gang of us should go to the Renaissance Faire, which took place somewhere in the hills of Marin County, California. There was probably 8 of us - Edwordo, his wiife Abeo, SusieQ and her boyfriend Marko, Therebe and his wife Pan and Ward, me of course, and Charron who was a friend of SusieQ's visiting from New York. We were hippies except for maybe Pan who was the mother of 5 kids and Charron who was a student in New York.


Therebe and Pan were the oldest probably around 35 at the time, and me next nearing the drop dead age of 30. The rest were in their early twenties. We parked in the field that was assigned for parking, but it was Marko who thought since it was expensive to get in, that we should go around the back way, and he knew how to do it. This was Mark's expertise, sort of how to get around, and he seemed to already know everybody, everywhere.

After hiking for maybe five minutes, it was around eleven in the morning on a Saturday and getting hot already, the sun high in the sky and the grass all yellow and dry in mid-summer I think, although it could have later, August or September. We stopped in the shade of some Oak trees and it was certainly Edwordo's idea that we should all smoke a joint. This was his expertise, in so far as it affected the rest of us, since this is what he liked to do pretty much all the time. It was these two decisions that made this visit to the Faire a completely wondrous, vivid and magical experience.

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