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Nature is perfect having existed for millions upon millions of years, but however the winters are cold, it is too wet or too dry, one's arthritis is acting up and so it is said to not be a perfect world. Perfection must be the absence of irritations and so heaven is created as a state of mind, constructed of ice cream and lemon meringue pie without irritations of any kind. Meanwhile nature can be transformed or destroyed and used as material to create heaven on earth, and reduce or eliminate all irritation which is the pursuit of perfection and the Metaphysical Ideal which by its very definition is Fascist.

The Metaphysical Ideal represents alternatives to the natural world as the greatest degrees of volitional abilities as fame, fortune and power and represents the greatest degrees of human elevation. The Metaphysical Ideal derives from the creation of Excess & Profit as opposed to Necessity & Subsistence as practiced by Indigenous peoples.

The Metaphysical Ideal is Progressive, as change which is defined as producing superior states or conditions to that which was replaced by transformation or destruction. Thus progress and the Metaphysical Ideal is only created by the alteration and eradication of the natural world which requires the introduction of the concept of Consequential Negation as the absence of any inherent Consequence in the natural world.

The Metaphysical Ideal takes the form of religious Monotheism and secular Moneytheism or God and Gold. Monotheism is one God, the perfect one-god only, which means Fascism, since there are no other choices allowed on the ballot if there were a ballot which there is not. You can't vote for or against God, it's heaven or hell.

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