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Fascism is the propensity of the Progressive Paradigm, which descends from the introduction of Excess & Profit, and the following initiation of Progressive Materialism, and the succeedant Absence of Consequence, the supersedence of the Metaphysical Ideal and Monoculture.

If the natural world is said to possess no inherent Consequence in and of itself as Consequential Negation, but however its opposite is created as Consequential Integrity, duality is created as Antithetical Opposites. That which must be preserved and that which may be transformed or destroyed.

Nature is perfect having existed for millions upon millions of years, but however the winters are cold, it is too wet or too dry, one's arthritis is acting up and so it is said to not be a perfect world. Perfection must be the absence of irritations and so heaven is created as a state of mind, constructed of ice cream and lemon meringue pie without irritations of any kind. Meanwhile nature can be transformed or destroyed and used as material to create heaven on earth, and reduce or eliminate all irritation which is the pursuit of perfection and the Metaphysical Ideal.

Fascism descends from Monoculture as Monotheism, Monarchy and Moneytheism, wherein authority as Authoritative Imperatives are singular considered the paragons of perfection. The Metaphysical Ideal may be of this world created by Excess & Profit as megalopolis or it may-be other-dimensional, or what is called Moneytheism and Monotheism the mon meaning one, single or alone.

One is for the simplistic as two or more is too complicated for apparently the average mind, especially in the case of systems containing multiple actions and variables. The systems of nature are quite complex and is easier understood animals from an ark after the flood.

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