The Authority for human activity, behavior and conduct is based upon the assessment of the purpose, motive, value and consequence of human existence, reality in general and the universe. Finite Determination is the designation of affects or the creation of results and products as changed states, which explains the reason, purpose, value and consequence of any state or entity.

A state or entity is explained, as the reason, purpose and motive for its existence, by the affects or results and products it produces. The vacant field with the large stone in the middle have no affect, no reason and purpose for being there, and thus has no meaning, value or consequence. If results and products are to be produced such as vegetables, the field has reason, purpose, value and consequence. If the stone produces an affect such as a charm and is said to bring good gardening, its affect and meaning is the good luck of gardening.

Finite Determination is the designation of affects or the creation of results and products as changed states, which explains the reason, purpose, value and consequence of any state or entity, and which justifies the transformation or destruction of pre-existent states, and the activity and behavior necessary to produce, alternative qualities & conditions to the tandem states changed. The result and product of food from the garden, gives to the formerly vacant field meaning, explains and justifies the activity and behavior of creating changed conditions, as alternatives which is the cultivated field.

If states and entities such as the vacant field and stone in the middle, do not produce any valid affect or result and product, the garden which gives it purpose and meaning and the activity to produce it, is justified. If one is to till the field and the stone does not contribute to the purposes of gardening it may be removed.

If one is to build a stone fence, the meaning of the stone is material for its construction, and the need for the fence justifies the work necessary as its removal from the field. Every human made entity such as a worn out tire, if it is not useful in present or does not possess potential for some affect or result and product in the future, either as utilitarian, historical or sentimental, has no purpose or meaning, is considered garbage and is thrown away.

States or entities of the natural world produce affects and results and products, from the breathable air to everything that grows naturally. If the natural world is not considered a result and product in and of itself, then its natural state and condition cannot explain its existence. If the natural world is considered a complete and finished product and end in itself, Finite Determination can provide reason, meaning, purpose and motive for the existence of the natural world, as producing and reproducing what it already is or what it is experienced to be.

Thus from Finite Determination, as affects and results and products that produce meaning, purpose and consequence, two perspectives derive termed Existent and Progressive Determination. Existent and Progressive Determination comprise the fundamental and underlying distinction between the archetype perspectives commonly known as Conservative and Progressive.

Existent Determination means that the affects and results and products produced by change promote the preservation of pre-existent states changed, in a same or similar condition. Thus no matter the severity of natural change such as fire, flood or earthquake, the states following will regenerate themselves in a same or similar condition. In terms of Finite Determination, the affects, results and products of change, that give meaning, purpose and consequence are already pre-existent, as what they already are. All natural change is the contribution to maintaining these conditions and is Conservative.

Progressive Determination means that reason, purpose and consequence is only derived from entities that produce or have potential to produce, what is considered of consequence to the individual or the larger society. Progressive Determination explains change that has consequence as activity and behavior that increases value. States and entities that are produced by human effort and energy, possess reason, meaning and purpose for their existence, by the results and products they produce. The axe, car, train and spoon all produce results and products which explain the reason, purpose and the value of their existence. Because material resource is necessary to improved states, and because the natural world does not progress or produce Excess and Profit, it is considered to have no meaning or consequence in and of itself, and thus it can be transformed or destroyed at will, and leave the pre-existent state in such a condition that it may never regenerate to its former state.

From the concepts of Finite and Existent Determination two interpretations result as types of value and consequence termed Definitive and Olamic Value. Definitive Value descends from Progressive and Olamic from Existent Determination.

Definitive Value identifies and tends to define a quality, state or entity in terms of a specific and singular definition. Definitive Value explains the reason, purpose, meaning and consequence of any given state or entity in terms of relationships to results & products, as contributive resource, vehicles for, or actual qualities & conditions.

The designation of relationships to results and products such as beef, define the steer as material resource, the land which is used to raise the steer as cattle ranch, and the ends themselves such as steak. These criterion determine the worth and consequence of each of the elements involved, and represent the authority for how the elements, as material, means and the results and products as ends should be treated. The consequence of an entity is definitive, meaning it possesses a precise value as some quality or condition it produces. Definitive Value defines the way states or entities may be treated in terms of transformation or destruction. States and entities which do not possess Definitive Value, possess no legitimate reason to exist, and thus may be treated in any manner suitable to human ambition. This equates to material for the creation of human results and products.

Olamic Value descends from Existent Determination and is more or less the opposite of Definitive Value. Since the result and product is inherent in the pre-existent condition of the natural world as already existent, there seems to be no end that predetermines the meaning, purpose or consequence of its existence other than what it is experienced to be. Thus this experience is open to interpretation or open value. This is the essence of Free Will in which the individual is free to interpret for oneself meaning, purpose, value and consequence. The implication therefore is that the individual has to assume the responsibility for interpretation and definition.