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Many people do not like the term God because of connotations that may be associated with the religious experience they have had. Thus many people prefer other terms and even other concepts, such as Polytheists may object to a singular monotheistic overlord preferring a pantheon, hierarchy or democracy of many spirits. The term God will be used here as a convenience primarily connoting and in reference to otherworldly, spiritual or Godly force.

One hears the continual whine of people complaining such as, 'If God was good and compassionate, how could it have created such a world as this?' Considering what lies outside the earth's outer atmosphere, as the vast ever extending reaches of what by preponderance must be almost universally lifeless expanse of outer space, it would seem that God has done a pretty good job. Considering that the planet is for the most part self-sufficient, with a duration of millions of years at least, one could say that the work is perfect. Perhaps the whiners would say, 'Well then why did he create inhospitable space as the vehicle and container of the earth'?. Perhaps they could propose some other means of the shape and composition of the universe. And of course if anyone has a really feasible design that is better than the present creation now existing, and that can be proven to work, maybe they should submit it the Celestial Planing Department. Actually there is of course the posit of something other than the physical universe called the spiritual world. No one seems to know just exactly how much better and more perfect this is, with various conjectures such as the rather imperfect place called hell, the paradisiacal heaven with myriads of other conditions in between.

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