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This is also the ability to produce untold exploitation, violence and suffering upon the human, animal and vegetable worlds, and thus the capacity of Evil becomes unbounded. Progressive development can be considered to offset the suffering of humans, in terms of living standards and the conquering of disease, even though it produces destruction, death and suffering of elements of the general environment, by negating its consequence, such that only humans are deserving of the freedom from the Evils of death, suffering and disease.

If Evil as defined as almost nearly absent in nature and God created nature, then one cannot blame God for Evil. The problem then is not Evil of God, but of human origin. On the other hand some humans want to blame God for their own failings. God made me do it. God made me this way. Or if God is perfect, just and all powerful and is unassailable, then the blame must be placed elsewhere, or perhaps scape-goated onto the devil for the failings of God. How it is that God allows the existence of the devil? The Devil is known to influence wrong choice. So either God makes one do wrong by the way one is created or the devil does it, with God's approval. If God does not approve, God could destroy the devil unless the devil was as powerful as God. Seems like humans have propensities for Evil on their own, that they don't need any urging from the devil. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

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