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If God does not approve, God could destroy the devil unless the devil was as powerful as God. Seems like humans have propensities for Evil on their own that they don't need any urging from the devil. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Thus it would seem that the root of Evil is Free Will. If one accepts the concept of Free Will, that humankind is free to make decisions, that is to produce for instance the destruction and suffering of so-called lower life forms, human, animal and vegetable for luxury and wealth, then Evil is the decision of humans alone. Given the concept of Free Will, God really has no power in the broad sense over humans. If God were to enforce the absence of Evil, God would have to hold a gun to the collective heads of humanity. In another words, God would have to decree goodness by eliminating Free Will, or guaranteeing the certainty of future states, by means of the certain realization of absolute truth, or by reward and retribution, such that this would control activity, behavior and conduct in the present so that Evil would not be an option. And if humans knew for a certainty that actions in present would produce specific states in future either as positive or negative, they would be precluded from free behavior. Given this argument as true, it would seem that God is not a fascist.

Thus given that God has the power to orchestrate events but cannot hold a gun to the collective human consciousness, the means of influence that God would have over humans would be limited. What God can do on the physical plane is limited to by the qualities and conditions of the planetary sphere. Any major change in the dynamics of celestial mechanics for instance, such as a more perfect earth orbit producing a more comfortable average temperature, would destroy the planet as we know it and perhaps extinguish all life. God could act on a more limited scale pinpointing events such as to influence human attitudes. However if it were known that these events were the acts of God Free Will would be affected.

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