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The Negative Dimension of the individual, as mind and memory, is said to contain three interpretive functions called the Appercipient, which correspond to three dimensions termed the Metaphysical Triad. [sp]

There are said to be the Ego, which is called the Interpreter of the body as it exists in the Positive Dimension. The Ipseity is said to be the interpreter of the Psychesoma as a posit of Metaphysical or spiritual being. There are what are called the Identities which are said to be the interpreters of the Negative Dimension, because the contexts for Interpretation are created and constructed in the mind and memory, and thus interpretation conforms to the premises of their creation, like he wanted to act like a superhero. In the memory, Associative context may be organized in any manner, including just plain bad memory. Apples may be called oranges and vice-versa. Identities can be created that have no basis in reality such as a flying nun. Thus the interpretation of reality is through context created in the memory, which may or may not reflect an accurate depiction of reality. [sp]

The concept of the Identity is called the creation and construction of Interpretive Contexts, which represents Comparative Authorities for decision-making created in the memory or Negative Dimension. Identities are such as butcher, baker, social worker or doctor and lawyer. Identities are generally created such that they correspond to objectives to be achieved, as the butcher carves meat. Identities are Comparative Authorities, as context for the choice of specific Associations one chooses to reference specific subjects. In reference to men, one may choose masculine associations rather than intellectual types. [sp]

The concept of the Identities is the creation of contexts for interpretation, using what Association one may possesses and acquire, related to particular personifications desired, called Interpretive Personification. Identities are usually based on objectives such as any of the multitude of professions, which act as Interpretive Personification of varying aspirations, like 'what will you be when you grow up': fireman, park ranger or nurse. Each of these Personifications would have individual Associative Categories, as individual interpretive context for the interpretation of reality, such as one may perceive reality in terms of fire safety for the forest ranger, weather conditions as a farmer or proper behavior for the policeman. Identities are created in the memory as mental constructs, like he began to act like a baseball player because he admired Sam the Slugger. [sp]

Interpretive Context is categories of Association used to recognize, identify, give context, define, evaluate or make decisions concerning any present or recalled quality and condition. Interpretive Personification is such as the Identities of atheist or priest are created or adopted, wherein interpretation proceeds from these roles and the world is interpreted scientifically and materialistically, or as possibly the systematic plan of God. The individual may interpret reality through any number of Identities simultaneously or over time, such as the identities of athlete, student, artist, card shark, father/mother or hospital volunteer. [sp]

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