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Identities are said to be products of Context as memory and mind called the Negative Dimension. There are said to be three interpretive functions of what is called the Apperceptives, as the Ego, Identities and Ipseities.

The Ego is defined as the selector of Association, specifically as that which pertains to and affects the body - both internal and external. The Ego is the first and primary personality formed from the first infancy.

The Identities are Interpretive Personifications created by the Ego for the purpose of the accomplishment of objectives. An individual can have any number of Identities they can play the part. Identities are such as baker, driver, cook, any of the professions, house-husband or nurse.

The Ipseities are Identities as objective oriented, except the objectives are other-dimensional as spiritual, religious or metaphysical. An Ipseity is the likeness or personification of spiritual or religious figures such as LaoTzu, Buddha, Christ or Mary. The objectives are to achieve an other-dimensional-like personality or consciousness.

While the Ego is a mental construct as a selector of Association, primarily as relates the body, the Identities are said to be the interpreters of Context because the contexts for Interpretation are created and constructed in the mind and memory as imaginative objectives and desires such as wealth or fame, professions, perfected personality or home owner; thus one takes on the persona of that which they desire need or want. He began to act like a baseball player.

Context may be organized in any manner, including just plain bad memory. Apples may be called oranges and vice-versa. Identities can be created that have no basis in reality such as a flying nun. Thus the interpretation of reality is through context created in the memory, which may or may not reflect an accurate depiction of reality.

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